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At Manikure, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the beauty of this industry.  We created the Manikure Scholarship Program to empower anyone with the passion of nail design to pursue a licensed career in the nail industry. This program provides participants with tuition for nail technology school, a paid internship at Manikure, firsthand industry experience, mentorship, and a full time position following  graduation. Upon program completion, they’ll also receive ongoing support from the lead trainers here at Manikure. 


  1. Please visit the link below to apply to enroll in the Manikure Scholarship Program. 

  2. The maximum scholarship award amount is $7,000.00 per selected applicant. The scholarship award will be paid back to the applicant as a reimbursement of school enrollment. The payment will be paid over a period of time coinciding with salon training.


For the inspired nail technician

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