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Red Nail Polish
Red Nail Polish

We're Hiring 

Manikure is a full service nail salon offering nothing but top quality manicures and pedicures. In order to maintain high standards across all of our technicians, Manikure provides free, in-house training. 

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Nail Technician

Training Program

Starting a new journey can be scary. We are so glad you came across our salon because we promise to make the process fun. Whether you're new to industry, nails, or even just the area, Manikure makes the training process a breeze. Based on your skill level which is determined by a hands on practical, Kate, the owner, creates a customized training program for your success. This program is in calendar form so we are able to visualize your growth and create goals that will guide you to a full book. Kate will show you how these skillset goals align with our pay structure to create financial growth.

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