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Hi, I'm Kate

One word to describe Kate Zarvis, CEO & Founder of Manikure; Innovative! 


Kate’s journey as an entrepreneur began at age 17 with an entry level job shampooing clients in a hair salon. Her passion for helping clients get the results they want expanded into a love for the nail room and what can be accomplished there. 


“The buzz of the nail room caught my attention quickly and drew me in. I love the constant energy and flow of people coming in, the chit-chat and the relationships built between clients and technicians. For anyone who has found their nail salon, they know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s an exciting atmosphere.”


In 2017, at age 24, Kate founded Manikure.The atmosphere is bright and airy with banana leaf wallpaper and pops of pink to put a smile on even the most dreary of days. 


“I took my inspiration for the decor while driving through West Palm Beach blasting Justin Bieber’s new song at the time, Despecito. I remember telling myself I’m going to bring this feeling to Maniküre.”


In only a short time, Manikure established itself with a reputation as one of Pittsburgh’s best nail salons. Since day once, Kate explains the staff has grown to keep pace with the salon’s overflowing wait list.


 “We have a strong team of nail technicians who have passion for the industry, and it shows. Our goal is to sustain a salon that breathes integrity and is hungry for achievement with a purpose to create value for our clients.” 


Along with ensuring Maniküre’s goal to maintain such high industry standards, it is noticeable that Kate is driven by the success of her employees. Even through the pandemic in 2019, Kate’s drive for innovation and success showed as she responded with a brilliant solution for both her clients and employees. She created a process for her employees to fabricate custom press on home nail kits. This helped her salon maintain a relationship with their clientele even at a distance. 


“The salon industry is a beautiful place to be,” she says, “But it is all that much more beautiful when all involved are supporting one another - which, in turn, extends to superlative, personalized service for all our clients. Everyone wins.”

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